Remote Signing is a smart way to identify yourself

Remote Signing is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords ? this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account, access e-services and sign documents.

Convenient anytime and anywhere

Your Remote Signing is in your smart device - so it's always within an easy reach!

Easy To Use

All you need is an internet connection and your smart device

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure way to use electronic identification approved by Baltic banks.

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It's time for a new way of using e-services! Want to access your online bank accounts and other e-services with just a few clicks? Use the Remote Signing app!

Remote Signing is a FREE personal identification tool that every smartphone or tablet owner can use: it is an easy, convenient and secure way to access e-services.

How to use

It's time for a new way of using e-services

You don't need to pay for the app nor for using the service

Go to RSSP Registration Authority Office

After signing the Remote Signing contract, you will get the Activation Code over the registration email.
In case of using PKI USIM, you will receive the new PKI USIM with default PIN1 is 123456

Download the app

Join the digital revolution and download the Remote Signing app into your smartphone or tablet! Always ensure you’ve got the latest version of the app. Remote Signing is a fast, easy and secure alternative to legacy method.

You can download the app for free from Google Play and App Store

Register an account

Create your Remote Signing account after you’ve installed the app to your smartphone or tablet.

You only need to identify yourself once, choosing PIN code that default set 12345678

Just follow the instructions in the app and you’ll be done in no time.
Remember: Always use the latest version of the app! After the registration is complete, you’re ready to start using Remote Signing!

You can also identify yourself by visiting your local bank office – be sure to take your national identification document with you!

Start using

You can use Remote Signing in as just one smartphone or tablet as you want, or across single device: it’s up to you. All you’ve got to do is register a new Remote Signing account per each device with different PKI USIM

Pricing (For User)

The following price is applicable to RSSP Service users:

RSSP Account Service Fee

User Type Price (MOP) Validity
Government and Corporate Users VND 1.175.000 1 years
VND 2.820.000 3 years
Personal Users VND 470.000 1 years
VND 1.175.000 3 years
PKI USIM VND 550.000 3 years

For information about existing RSSP-enabled applications, please contact our RSSP Registration Authority Office.

Pricing (For Application Service Provider)

The following pricing is applicable to RSSP Application Service Providers:

Pricing on RSSP Integration Service

The professional team of RSSP with many years of experiences provides professional services, and providing the most suitable integration solution on RSSP Services for your different needs. It also allows you and your customers to take delight in security and convenience of electronic signatures anytime and anywhere, thus enhancing the growth of your businesses.
Mobile-IDTM also provides the development services on e-Workflow, with the application of RSSP services, to streamline the workflow of form filling, file submission, circulation, approval and archiving electronically. It allows you to sign an electronic document in the Workflow System and track the work progress in order to realize an electronic office and a paperless office environment which enhances the efficiency at the workplace.
For more information on RSSP Integration Service and price, please contact our RSSP Registration Authority Office.

Signature Plan for Application Service Providers (ASP)

Signature Plan (Pricing calculated based on Annual Signature Volume)
Plan Annual Signature Volume Annual Fee Instant Top-Up (5 Time Max.) Validity
(Time) (MOP) Signature Volume Price (MOP)
1 ≤ 1.000 VND 58.750.000 100 VND 5.875.000 1 year
2 ≤ 5.000 VND 235.000.000 500 VND 23.500.000 1 year
3 ≤ 15.000 VND 470.000.000 1.500 VND 47.000.000 1 year
4 ≤ 30.000 VND 705.000.000 3.000 VND 70.500.000 1 year
5 ≤ 50.000 VND 846.000.000 5.000 VND 84.600.000 1 year
6 ≤ 80.000 VND 940.000.000 8.000 VND 94.000.000 1 year
7 Unlimited Negotiation - - 1 year
  1. Payment of the Signature Plan is made in advance, with 1 year validity.
  2. When the actual amount of signatures used, exceeds the yearly Signature Plan that the ASP has purchased, the ASP can purchase additional corresponding “Instant Top-Up” credit plans.
  3. The number of “Instant Top-Up” that can be purchased is: 1-5 Times.
  4. For each Signature Plan the maximum number of “Instant Top-Up” allowed is 5 times.

Requirements for installation

Smart device requirements for the Remote Signing App installation


  • Android 4.1 or newer
  • Space ~95 MB for Android 4.x, 16 MB for Android 5.x
  • Display height at least 480 px
  • Display size at least 3.5 inches
  • Works with Wifi-only devices, no mobile internet connection required


  • iOS 8 or newer
  • Space ~16 MB
  • Display height at least 480 px
  • Display size at least 3.5 inches
  • Works with Wifi-only devices, no mobile internet connection required

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